99 Year-Old’s Unfinished Project Getting Completed – GNSOTD Monday, Nov 11th 2019

A Chicago woman, artist Shannon Downey, found a beautiful but unfinished quilt that cried out for its final stitches, and over 1,000 people answered hers call for help in completing the nearly 100 blocks that would take a single person years to finish. Shannon came across a map of the United States at an estate sale, and she knew it was the work of a master embroiderer. It turns out it was a work by Rita Smith, a Chicago-area woman who recently died at age 99. When asked why she felt compelled to finish the quilt, Downey responded, “There’s no way their soul is resting knowing that there is, you know, a work in progress that they left behind uncompleted.”


If you are interested in checking out the quilt in progress there are daily shares under the hashtag #ritasquilt on Twitter and other social media. And finished blocks are arriving daily from around the country from all kinds of people, including one envelope addressed to Downey which came from a stranger in Utah. “It’s overwhelming,” Downey said. “Humans are awesome.” And thanks to these awesome humans, Downey and her helpers plan to have the quilt completed by next year.


This kind of coming together is achievable, and that’s a Good News Story of the Day worth learning more about; which you can do here. Also, the National Quilt Museum in Paducah, Kentucky, will display the finished product sometime next year, once it is completed, that is – if you are interested in a road trip.


Story and Image from CBS News.

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