97-Year-Old Serenades Neighbours On Canada Day – GNSOTD Thur, July 2nd 2020

Dorothy Rose is a vivacious Toronto woman who loves to entertain. In honour of Canada Day, she was going to serenade her apartment neighbours accompanied by the Climax Jazz Band.

Dorothy Rose is 97-years-old, she turns 98 on July 29th. Why does she like to entertain? It seems she has always been incredibly full of life. Dorothy says she grew up Catholic, but the nuns wouldn’t let her be in the choir because she moved around too much.

Then she joined a dancing academy; which is where she was in 1939 when World War II broke out. Once that happened, she, and the entire academy, were asked to become part of a variety show to entertain the armed forces. So that’s what she did, and she spent the next four years singing and dancing to keep spirits lifted.

Obviously, she is no stranger to adversity. In fact she has had many struggles of her own, Dorothy is a cancer survivor, she has broken her hip and recovered, and none of these challenges stopped her. Not the injury, or the cancer, or the war, and certainly not this pandemic. She is determined not to give in.

So what keeps her going? She credits her mentality. She’s just too willful! But this isn’t just the kind of story you can read, or hear, you need to watch the video of her. That you can only do if you click on through to your Good News Story of the Day, here. It is well worth it as Dorothy is a wonderful person to listen to.

Plus, she admits calls on a higher power before she steps in front of a crowd; but not just for herself. She says she asks God to let her do well because she wants to please the people who watch her perform. She loves when they come and tell her she made them happy.

Story and Image from CBC News.

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