9 Year Old And Friends Fundraise For Deserving Families – GNSOTD Mon, June 22nd 2020

Chanhassen, Minnesota, is a city southwest of Minneapolis. And it’s where 6 young friends decided they wanted to help some of the black families in need. Minneapolis has been hit hard following the murder of George Floyd by police on May 25th. It was the focal point of the protests against police brutality and was met with some of the hardest response by police, and also is the scene of more than a few riots.

That’s why 9-year-old Kamryn Johnson and her five friends decided they would put all the money they could raise from their fundraiser toward businesses and food banks in the big neighbouring city.

Young Kamryn led the charge of the effort, so it’s called Kamryn and Friends: Bracelets for Unity and Justice. It’s a little curbside stand selling bracelets. They opened it on May 30th, and since then? They’ve had to go beyond just selling bracelets at their stand – because they have gained national attention.

According to Kamryn’s Dad, former NFL player Ron Johnson, the kids have raised over $90,000.00 through their stand, donations, and online fundraising efforts. “She has a huge heart and simply wanted to be of help in whatever way she could,” Johnson said. “She and her friends are finding ways to feed the families of Minneapolis and give back to their community in the way they know how.”

That is a remarkable feat and will go a long way to helping a hurting community. According to their GoFundMe page the funds being raised will go to Minneapolis’ Sanctuary Covenant Church’s food drive and the Kyle Rudolph food and supply Drive. As well as supplying funds to rebuild businesses that have been affected by the riots.

When the children first came up with the idea, Johnson said he expected them to raise “maybe $50 or something small.” After news of their efforts unexpectedly began to spread, people across the country were donating to the cause. The children say they will continue to sell bracelets as long as people are willing to buy them.

These kids, their big hearts, and their social consciousness are your Good News Story of the Day, and you can find it in full here. But it’s important to know that it’s not just the money that is having an impact; “Day after day, we’re having impactful conversations with so many people. So many of our community members have come by to drop off supplies, or just talk about things like racism and injustice, stuff that we don’t talk about very often,” Ron Johnson said. It’s undeniable now that these are important conversations to have.

Story and Image from CNN.

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