7-Year-Old Reads Books For Kids Who Miss Story Time – GNSOTD Wed, June 24th 2020

If your kids miss gathering around for story time at school, one boy is helping to recreate the experience at home. Bryan Rumfelt, 7, of Brooklyn, New York, has a history of helping people.

In September 2017, a storm system dumped more than a foot of rain on the Houston area, resulting in catastrophic flooding. Bryan saw this on the news and wanted to help the children of Houston. Bryan raised almost 3 thousand dollars and sent it to Houston.

In January 2019, Bryan saw a sign on Painted Pot’s window in Bay Ridge that read they were closing. Bryan decided to do something about it. Bryan convinced the owner, Lisa Mendoza to keep it open for the kids of Bay Ridge.

You see, Bryan loves to read and shares his favorite books with anyone who wants to hear a good story. That is why his grandmother gave him the idea for his Facebook group, Bryan’s Book Corner, where he posts videos of himself reading books like “Dragons Love Tacos” and “This Pigeon Needs a Bath.”

You can find out more about Bryan and his Book Corner in your Good News Story of the Day, here. Watch the video, and consider joining Bryan’s group to hear some of the stories he reads and share them with your kids. It really is quite adorable.

Story and Image from Inside Edition and Mara Montalbano.

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