6 Holiday Trends That Took Off in 2020

It has been a year full of new experiences. Not all of them brilliant, but some of them are very fun! This Christmas has brought about a bunch of new and interesting trends, some of which we have discussed before, like Hot Chocolate Bombs, and Charcuterie Wreaths.

Here are a few of the biggest trends of the year!

1. CharcuterWreaths 

These edible arrangements are cheese and meat-filled masterpieces that are called a “charcutewreath” and come arranged with an assortment of cured meats, cheeses, fruits and spreads like honey, jam and preserves. The DIY project is simple by taking your favorite deli meats, cheeses, and assortments and just arrange them into a wreath shape along with some edible greens or herbs, and serve on a cutting board. 

The idea took off ahead of Christmas 2020 — so much so that even caterers started hopping on the trend.

2. Baby Yoda Tree Toppers 

May the force be with you — and your Christmas tree. In 2020, the pint-sized “Star Wars” icon known in the show as The Child and Grogu started climbing to the top of the Christmas tree as fans started using the character’s toys in place of a more traditional ornament, like a star.

3. Charcuterie Chalets

Good luck making it past the front door without devouring it. Charcuterie “chalets,” inspired by gingerbread houses but made with the same incredients as a charcutewreath, really exploded in popularity ahead of Thanksgiving, but they’re certainly a crafty addition at any holiday feast.

4. Hot Chocolate ‘Boards’

Yet another riff on the charcuterie board, the Hot Chocolate board is basically a smorgasbord of treats meant to be served in (or alongside) a mug of hot cocoa. Festive fixings including marshmallows, chocolates, caramel corn, cinnamon sticks and candy canes — so be sure to set out your biggest and sturdiest mugs, brew up a pot of the hot stuff, and settle in for a cozy and decadent evening!

5. Cottagecore

This nature-oriented trend of stringing together earthy elements like dried fruits, herbs and flowers using items around the house has seen a nearly 200% increase in searches for DIY kits on Etsy, the Associated Press reported. “Cottagecore” isn’t limited to Christmas decor, the fad has been around for a while, and includes dressing, and even behaving, with a sort of aesthetic that is inspired by a romanticized version of cottage or agricultural life.

6. Vertical Christmas Lights

According to the decorating gurus who champion this trend, you should be hanging your lights vertically. Most people wrap them around the tree horizontally, but this apparently wastes too many lights on the back of the tree. Vertical hanging also allows the bulbs to sit closer to the tips of the branches for maximum sparkle.

The idea has been circulating for a while now but most recently started trending on TikTok, where user Clare Hooper demonstrated “the right way to do lights” in a video that has since been viewed millions of times.

What ever trends or traditions you carry with you into this Christmas Eve and Christmas Day we hope you make it merry, and make it your own!

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