5-Year Old Wanted Library So He Made One – GNSOTD Wednesday Feb 13

The small village of Alpha, Illinois did not have a library when Logan Brinson and his family moved to town and this bothered the young boy who loves to read. “Because you get to talk,” Logan says. “I talk a lot.” So he went to Alpha officials with his family and proposed setting up a small lending library in town. It isn’t a big thing, in fact it is housed on the Brinson’s front yard but that didn’t bother Logan which is how Logan’s Little Library opened to the public in the summer of 2018. Today readers of all ages come to the Brinson house and check out one book at a time from the tiny case out front. “You would have to open this and take one of the books out – only one,” says Logan demonstrating for cameras. “And then you have to close this back up an then you have to bring it back another day.”


The benefits of having access to books are clear: According to a 2018 study, people who grow up surrounded by books develop higher reading comprehension and better mathematical and digital communication skills. But not every kid has access to reading materials in their house or even their hometown. Which is why Logan plans to open a second library next to the gazebo in Alpha’s town center. That’s set to open in May of this year, and in the meantime, the Brinsons are accepting book donations from around the world. You can add a book to Alpha’s little libraries by mailing packages to P.O. Box 672, Alpha IL, 61413 or 113 West B Street, Alpha, IL 61413.


Lending Libraries are a wonderful way of spreading the joy of reading and good books with a community and Logan’s Little Library is a wonderful thing to see. But even in a town with a wonderful Library like Brantford with it’s two library locations there is still a place for lending libraries and you can find them sprinkled around town. This spreading the love of reading is your Good News Story of the Day and you can find more about Logan and his Little Library in the link here.


Story from WQAD 8.

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