5 Soothing Social Media Accounts To Follow

If you’re looking for where to go on Social Media that isn’t going to hit you with Coronavirus, politics, or environmental dread; here’s a list of 5 pages to follow and fill your feed with good, wholesome, fun; provided by the good people over at Vogue.

  • 1. @MadMax_FluffyRoad – an Instagram account following the adventures of Maxine the corgi. It’s a feel-good account filled with videos of her having the run of New York City with her owner. – Suggested by David Vo, Designer
  • 2. @M_Crouton – A twitter account dedicated to the life of a fawn-colored calf, named Crouton, who lives at the Squirrelwood Equine Sanctuary with his best friend Lucious OG (that’s Original Goat for the uninitiated.) – Suggested by Estelle Tang, Senior Culture Editor
  • 3. @Shedd_Aquarium – Another Instagram, this one from Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium. Even though it’s closed to visitors through March 29, the aquarium’s residents are getting a share of the limelight thanks to the dedicated animal care staff who continue to ensure their health, safety, and Instagram clout. – Suggested by Jenna Adrian-Diaz, Features Assistant
  • 4. @StephenCooksFrench – If cooking is your thing you won’t want to skip this Instagram account. It’s just a guy cooking one classic French dish a day and plating it up in a smart, simple way. – Suggested by Liam Hess, Contributor
  • 5. @MignonetteTakesPictures – When it comes to simplicity this Instagram account may take the cake. It’s simply beautiful. Photos of soothing landscapes and cute baby animals. – Suggested by Fernando Dias De Souza, Innovation Director

Again, it’s can be a dark world if that is all you focus on. Be sure to fill your life and time with as much light as you can find. Hopefully this small list helps.

Source: https://www.vogue.com/article/8-soothing-social-media-accounts-to-know

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