5 Patio Trends That Are Out

When it comes to your backyard space there are a million ways to handle it; if you’re lucky enough to have some in the first place. But some trends people have enjoyed for years are no longer in style, at least according to apartmenttherapy.com who spoke to Hayley Westhoff, a Compass real estate agent in Chicago.

So what style’s should you lose and what should you replace them with?

An abundance of potted plants

When you walk onto your patio, you don’t necessarily want to feel like you’re walking into a jungle—or like you have to cut your way through plant growth just to get to the chairs. What can you do instead? Stage your patio into sections so you have a place dedicated to greenery (tall grasses are most popular right now).

Wood-burning fire pits

Wood-burning anything can be a real pain. Not only do you have to find logs or chop wood yourself, you need to struggle with lighting it and keeping it lit, and regularly clean out the ash. Luckily, Westhoff says, wood-burning fire pits for patios are out. Gas is the best option—it’s cleaner and easier. She adds that it should be built in; if you can spare the cash, having built-ins in any form is great for creating a more functional space.

Rounded furniture

When people go out onto a patio now, they want it to be an oasis, a place that mentally takes you far from home while staying close to the door. Which mean getting the right furniture. “Everybody really likes the contemporary hotel feel,” Westhoff says. “Rounded furniture is going out and square modular furniture is coming in.”

Itty bitty string lights

Edison bulbs, every hipster restaurateur’s favorite lighting choice, are still in—and will likely always have some appeal. The trend of smaller bulbs, like Christmas lights or fairy lights, has passed us all by. Ditch those smaller string lights and opt for a bigger, more exposed style. It’s not only attractive, but it also pumps out a more diffused light to make for a subtle, relaxed environment.

A shabby-chic flea market vibe

The mismatched feel of flea market decorating is out, Westhoff says. Instead of having a ton of things that find beauty in chaos, follow a pattern or theme to sleekly tie everything on your patio together. ” People are doing navy blue cushions, burnt orange cushions, a chartreuse color—just really bold colors.” That also means you should tuck away excess decorations. “Outdoor decor beyond your patio furniture and plants is clutter,” Westhoff says.

Interesting. This is what is seemingly selling well in Chicago, but then again; you are not likely trying to sell a house in Chicago. So use these tips as suggestions for some possibilities for your own space. But also remember that you have to live there and be comfortable there.

And stay in budget.

Source: Apartmenttherapy.com

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