37-Year-Old Goes Viral With Trick She Couldn’t Do As Teen

A 37-year-old mom of two from Missouri just mastered a gymnastic move she was too afraid to pull off when she was a teen, and now the internet is in awe and learning that you’re never too old to do anything. Nicole Clemens, a high school English teacher, who in her free time coaches a recreational gym team and takes adult gymnastics classes for fun, shared a video of herself doing an impressive backflip, soaring through the air, and landing a fantastic finish.

“It took me about 25 years to land this layout,” she told Scary Mommy. “If you count being afraid of it as a kid and then taking 24 or so years off. About a year ago I started taking this adult gymnastics class and I’ve been working on tumbling in general during that time. I had to build back up from very basic skills and a few months ago my coach asked when I was going to upgrade to this layout skill. That was the push I needed to make it happen.”

You may notice in the Tweet of the video she lists herself as 38; she corrected that information in a follow up message: “Uh, so I’m actually only 37. But it’s fine. I don’t teach math.”

Excellent athletic skill AND a sense of humor! This mom is all win!

Source: Scary Mommy

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