3 Different Strangers Offer Help And Make A Difference – GNSOTD Wednesday Dec 12

There are always those who will say that one person cannot make a difference; those people are very wrong. It does not even take much effort to make a difference in someone else’s life, no need for grand gestures or large sums of money, the little things can add up in a big way. That is exactly what happened to Becca Kinsey on a family vacation and she wants to share her story and the message it carries with the world.


Ms. Kinsey was on her way back from a family vacation to Disney World with herself and her two young children, Wyatt aged 2 and James age 5, which she undertook on her own after her Husband was forced to remain home for work. The majority of their trip went well, which she had anticipated saying her kids were generally well behaved, but as with all children when they are no longer doing something fun and also tired they got a little cranky on the trip home. That is where Becca Kinsey’s day took a turn for the worse, from screaming to falling asleep on the floor her youngest was having a hard time in the airport, and Kinsey was at her wits end when help came. It came in the form of three strangers who offered small gestures of help which all helped to turn a parent’s nightmare situation into an okay day.


Find out how little things like letting someone ahead in line, or carrying some baggage, can mean the world to someone else in your Good News Story of the Day in the link here.


Image and Story from Today.com

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