2-Year-Old Skateboarder Nicknamed ‘Tiny Hawk’ Has Crazy Skills

Normally toddlers are still a little wobbly on their feet; but not Brody Dylangr. He is doing something most don’t until they are almost teenagers, if at all.

He started skate boarding at 21 months old. This tyke, dubbed Tiny Hawk after legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk, can go down ramps and ride half-pipes.

Video: 2 year old Tiny Hawk shreds granite skate park
From: YouTube
By: Shred Family – Brody Alexzandr

Apparently it all started when his dad Shayne was riding his own skateboard shortly after a family move, and Brody was just one and a half. Brody wanted to be held, but didn’t want his dad to stop what he was doing. So the two continued a little riding.

Now two years old, Brody, the Tiny Hawk, is what Shayne calls “The coolest little dude on the planet,” riding his own board. He does so while decked out in full protective gear, and while he has had a few bumps and scrapes from tumbles; his helmet and full pads have stopped him from receiving any serious injuries.

His mom, Alexandria, is apparently a fan of the sport, but still gets nervous watching Brody do his thing.

Source: https://bit.ly/31WHQVK

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