10 Year Old Raises Thousands To Help Animals – GNSOTD Monday Jan 7

After Hurricane Harvey hit the area Frannie called home — forcing her and her family to evacuate for five days — the compassionate child wanted to find a way to help her neighbors and all of those affected by the natural disaster. That is how the 10-year-old found a way from disaster to miracle.


Frannie lives in Missouri City, Texas, and was told by her mom she could not go out into the wreckage to help because of how dangerous it was, but that did not deter Frannie from wanting to help and when she saw a report on how the Humane Society of the United States, or HSUS, was travelling around rescuing animals she decided that is where her energy would go – raising money to help the animals.


She fell back on an old favourite of kids everywhere, she started a lemonade stand with her friends! A simple, tried and true, method of raising money. But this effort exceeded expectations. To encourage sales, Frannie and her friends decided to call themselves “Harvey’s Animal Helpers” and made a video about their cause. The girl’s mother put the clip in on a GoFundMe page, and soon Frannie’s neighbors were lining up to get a sip of lemonade. In one week they raised $3,500.00 that was donated to the Humane Society which did not let such effort go unrecognized. Find out how the experience she was given by the society encouraged her to hold a second lemonade stand fund raiser and more in your Good News Story of the Day here.


The next time you hear a child speak out about how they want to help, don’t tell them they can’t, instead work with them to figure out how they can.


Story and Image from People.com

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