1 In 4 Restaurants May Not Reopen After Pandemic.

study by OpenTable which surveyed 20,000 restaurants operating in their network compared data from the 2019 number of reservations to this year to help explain just how dire the situation is. Despite many being open for take-out, businesses are reporting a drastic drop in income. With a greater than 90% decline being reported in Canada.

This forecast indicated that 1 in 4 restaurants will not be able to last through the COVID-19 Pandemic and do not expect to reopen again. This is obviously bad news for the owners, staff, and those who enjoy eating at these locations. But what can be done about it? Ultimately there seems to be only 3 options; delivery, fundraising, and gift cards.

According to OpenTable the best options are to replace your dining out with ordering in; either through delivery or take-out. Though it’s important to remember that third party delivery services often take a large portion of any order – which can cost both the customer and the restaurant more than the order was worth.

Alternatively you can purchase gift cards, which allow the restaurant to make use of those funds until they are cashed in, and might just help them make it through the next few months.

Finally if you can; support or start a fundraiser that will assist restaurants and enable them to continue to pay rent and their staff. Before you set up a fundraiser be sure to contact the owner first and see if it is necessary or desired. Also check around first; many have already set one up on their own.

Aside from that the only thing to do is spread the word. Keeping people informed about what is happening is the best way to do something about it. It might just save your favourite eatery.

Source: OpenTable.

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