Young Dallas Bakers Pay It Forward – GNSOTD Wed, July 29th 2020

Summer down in Dallas, Texas, has not been a vacation for Ainsley Walker and Molly Walker, no relation. The two friends have been busy working so they can donate to charity.

The two families had formed a social bubble to keep themselves safe but also allow their kids to play. “Yes, since this pandemic has made us all shelter at home,” 10-year-old Ainsley said. “So we had all the time in the world to do whatever we want in our house.”

“And we decided that we wanted to make a bakery,” 8-year-old Molly said. “And share it with a lot of people.” What started out with making treats for themselves and their families quickly became the Rose Bakery.

The two use their newly acquired baking skills to make cakes and cookies to sell to their neighbours and then they donate their profits to an organization with a double benefit: Feed the Front Line pays for free meals for front line workers during the pandemic.

“It’s like a 2 in 1,” Ainsley explained. “We get to help our local restaurants get money to keep going on their business, and then also it helps our healthcare workers because they can’t go out because they’re treating people with COVID.”

Their families appreciate it because the girls get to not only learn baking skills, experimenting with all kinds of interesting recipes like Banana Brownies, but also learn math skills; like how much a cup of flower costs when it comes from a big bag.

They are also learning another important lesson for children. “I think they’re learning that their community is much more than just themselves and their family and friends,” Molly’s mother, Erin Walker said. “I think this pandemic has done that for them.” A lesson these two girls have learned well; In just a few weeks, the girls’ Rose Bakery has made enough to donate more than $200 to Feed the Front Line.

You can find out more about Ainsley and Molly in your Good News Story of the Day here, but before you go starting your own bakery you should know – “It’s not just a piece of cake. You have to work hard and you have to have a big commitment,” Ainsley said. “It’s really rewarding to do it, though,” Molly said.

Story and Image from NBC Dallas.

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