WWII Fighter Pilot Flies On 100th Birthday – GNSOTD Thur, Nov. 12th 2020

Every year we gather on November 11th to pay our respects for the sacrifice made by Veterans over the years. But no one knows that sacrifice like the Veterans themselves. When it comes to Remembrance Day, or Veterans day as it is known in the United States, the vets are the ones who understand how to best show those tributes.

For World War II veteran pilot Harry Moyer, that is to take his place in the sky. That’s where he wants to be on Veterans Day. “I don’t want to say it’s ethereal, but it’s very moving to me,” Moyer said.

Moyer just last month turned 100 years old and he is still flying. In fact he spent his birthday on one of his weekly flights. He may be the oldest active pilot in the world right now. His family have reached out to the Guinness Book of World Records with a video as proof of his still flying in an attempt to figure that out. Harry doesn’t care much about the record, “I think it would probably be a little bit more for my family rather than for me,” he said. “Maybe they want to say ‘Grandpa did this’ or something like that.”

For him, it’s all about the flying. He began his career as a pilot in 1942 with the Army Air Corps and served as a combat pilot throughout the Second World War, including a stint with the famed Flying Tigers who defended China from Japanese air attack. “A kid out of Akron, Ohio, and you’re flown down to Brazil and across the Atlantic and North Africa. My God, almighty. Yeah, it was pretty amazing,” he explained.

You might think it is amazing that this man is still flying at 100, and you wouldn’t be wrong, but Harry won’t agree. For him, being careful isn’t what life is about. “Just don’t sit back and just say, ‘My God, that’s too dangerous,'” Moyer said. “It’s not. Take a chance.” This love of flying from a 100-year-old pilot is your Good News Story of the Day, which you can find in full and watch the video here.

Harry also urges everyone to go a step beyond saying thank you to Veterans and donate to charities that benefit them. He might be 100 years old, but he’s far from soft, he recognizes the struggle veterans have, the lack of supports; and wants people to help out as they can.

Story and Image from CBS News.

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