World’s Worst Airbnb Still Gets Booking Interest

Just because people are willing to pay for something, doesn’t mean it’s good. A couple of U.K. pranksters, Rhys Simmons, Jamie Kamaz, and Hitchin, felt they had overpaid for a recent Airbnb stay. So they set out to play a lighthearted prank by creating the “world’s worst Airbnb.”

These YouTube creators dropped a blanket-covered mattress and bedside table beneath a tree in the middle of a north London field and posted photos on the home-sharing site and called it an AirBnB stop.

But to their surprise they had a lot of interest from people wanting to come and stay. They shared the experience on their YouTube channel Passion Squad. (Warning; some censored language.)

Video: Lads make the worst Airbnb in the world and make £…..
From: YouTube
By: Passion Squad

Most of the people applying to stay seemed to have picked up on the joke, and the boys didn’t end up ultimately accepting any requests (or money) for stays.


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