World’s Tallest Dog May Add Another Record

He’s known as the World’s tallest dog, if you stood him up on his hind legs he would be a MASSIVE 7 foot plus, even when he’s on all fours he still comes up to over 3’4″ feet at his back. He gained this title more than 3 years ago.

Meet Freddy the Great Dane who this week was revealed to be our new record holder for 'Tallest dog living'. Measuring an…

Posted by Guinness World Records on Tuesday, January 3, 2017

His name is Freddy, and he’s a Great Dane from Weeting, in Norfolk in the U.K. and he could very well end up holding another world record!

The Guiness book of World Records has confirmed that not only is he the tallest dog; Freddy is also the oldest Great Dane on record! He celebrated his eighth Birthday in May. But Freddy isn’t the oldest by much, he’s got a little sister who is only a few minutes younger. Her name is Fleur. And yes, they live together. Their owner, Claire Stoneman, said she threw them a nice party, with a decorated garden, and plenty of toys and treats.

Apparently it’s not cheap keeping a record holding dog, Freddy’s diet costs his owner $630 US a month! Claire also says he was the runt of the litter.

Source: New York Post.

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