Wooden Guitars For Sick Kids – GNSOTD Wednesday, Sept. 25th 2019

There is little in this world more upsetting than having a sick child, it is a situation millions of parents around the world go through every single day, some for years at a time. But there are ways that a sick child’s spirit can be lifted and one business owner wanted to do what they could to help. Wayne Robison, president and CEO of Rulon International, came up with the idea in 2016. That is how the company, which produces wood ceilings and acoustical walls, turned to crafting 10,000 small, wooden guitars out of scrap wood to donate them to sick children around the world.


Three years later, the company is over halfway toward realizing that goal. Each guitar is fine-tuned and ready to create music in orphanages and hospital corridors. Rulon began the program with its first donation to an orphanage in Haiti by sending over painted guitars the children. But local elementary and middle schools wanted to integrate the design phase of the guitars within their own art programs. As a result, Robison was asked to send unfinished guitars for the children to paint and decorate themselves to give to others. Now the guitars come pre-decorated, raw or with a base-coat, a single solid color that allows children to decorate it the way they want. The handles of each guitar are microbial and germ-free.


“With sick children it’s proven, that two things that help them get through their illnesses are music and animals” said Eleanor Robison, Wayne’s wife. She is right, both music, and animals, are proven to have benefits on the well-being of sick children. Guitars have reached over 50 hospitals and charity groups. The best part is they’re just getting started. Find out more about this wonderful program in your Good News Story of the Day here.


Story and Image from the Herald-Tribune.

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