Women’s Group Gives Comfort To Kids In Care – GNSOTD Tue, Feb 18th 2020

Montgomery County Children Services of Dayton, Ohio, received a lovely donation for the children who are entering foster care to help them through a trying time in their young lives.

About 30 local member of the National Council of Negro Women (NCNW) solicited teddy bears, and other stuffed animals, from friends, coworkers, church members, sororities and other organizations in order to donate 300 fluffy friends to the kids entering the Montgomery County foster care system.

“It’s just a reward to see them bring cheer to their little faces,” said Priscilla Jones, NCNW Past President.  “There are just so many children in distress, and we think it is so comforting to have that little teddy bear and to know they’re not alone.”

It’s a wonderfully kind and considerate action to show these children that even in the scary moments there is someone who cares about them. It’s your Good News Story of the Day, which you can read in full and watch the video on here, and it keeps getting better!

The group is planning to deliver around 800 bears in total with the remainder going to Dayton Children’s Hospital, the Artemis Center, Stillwater Center and other locations. It seems like they will just keep giving until they run out of children in need or bears to give.

Story and Image from WHIO TV 7

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