Woman Does Right Thing – GNSOTD Thursday Jan 24

While doing something most do at least once a week, Terry Brubaker was out running errands when something unusual happened, a vehicle in front of her on the road began to scatter paper all over the road. Something about the incident caused Terry to stop and investigate which is when she saw it was money, lots of money. In her words there were hundred, fifty, and twenty dollar bills scattered all over the road. She collected it all and then did something that many would not have; she took it to the authorities.


This was no small amount either, in total it was $6,600 that Ms. Brubaker took to the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office in Johnstown, New York. She has received plenty of praise for her good deed, from the county sheriff, and especially from the owner of the money. It turns out that the woman who lost it was Kimberlee Steenburg, who was on the way to the bank and bringing her niece out to the car when she accidentally left an envelope filled with cash on the roof. When you learn what the cash was for and why she was taking care of her niece you will understand why having that money back means more than just the cost of the coin. You can do so by checking out your Good News Story of the Day here.


Story and Image from Inside Edition.

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