Wine Instead Of Water In Italian Village

Locals in the village of Settecani, in the Castelvetro are of Modena, in Italy had an interesting situation last week. When they went to turn on their taps instead of water, it was red wine that came pouring out. This story is sounding a little familiar, however, unlike when Jesus was at the wedding in Cana, this was no miracle.

Residents also immediately recognized the scent of a locally-produced vintage, Lambrusco Grasparossa; and in fact what had happened was a leak at a silo in the winery caused the wine to flow into a water line. It was pouring in with enough force to displace the water and caused wine to flow to the faucets instead.

Technicians from the local water board were able to repair the issue, and the village council offered an apology to residents; though many said they were happy enough to be able to bottle some of the wine themselves, before it stopped flowing from their taps.

Source: UPI.

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