Why The McFlurry Spoon Is Shaped Like It Is.

A McDonald’s employee is blowing everyone’s collective mind on TikTok with an explanation behind the McFlurry spoon design.

The spoon, which, as anyone who has successfully managed to order a McFlurry while a McDonald’s ice cream machine is functioning already knows, has an opening on the end of it, akin to a large straw. However, there is no bottom opening to allow it to operate as a straw.

The solution to this puzzle has now been given.


In a video, which was posted in March but only recently started going viral, the McDonald’s employee displays the open end of the spoon and then shows the McFlurry dessert. She then adds the toppings before attaching the straw-like portion of the spoon to a motorized mixer, which is used to mix the topping into the dessert.

Now the answer to a question that has likely bothered a number of people since the McFlurry was added to the McDonald’s menu in 1997 has been answered.

Though it still doesn’t explain why they didn’t choose to design a spoon that also acts like a straw and simply given them metal attachments to mix the dessert. That may never be known.

Source: marzpire on TikTok.

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