Walking To 100, World War II Vet Walking For Charity – GNSOTD Mon, Jun 1st 2020

Mickey Nelson from Clarks Grove, Minnesota has decided to follow Captain Tom’s inspiration, and is doing his own Walking to 100. Only instead of walking 100 laps in his back garden, he’s going to walk 100 miles through his home town. And instead of being for health service; it’s for food service.

Mr. Nelson is going to be walking for the Salvation Army. Knowing they will need food in a time like this and how important food is. “During the years of the depression, they had soup lines and other ways for people to get food and that stood out to me because I’ve been lucky to always have food on the table,” Nelson¬†said. “When everything happened, that is what I thought of: there are people going hungry and I can do something about it.”

According to the Salvation Army, food demand is up over 900% since the Coronavirus hit the US and that is causing a problem. They are very excited about what Mickey is doing; saying he is going to be able to bring joy and hope to thousands with what he has already accomplished.

So far Mickey has raised more than $80,000 since starting his walk in May, but he’s not finished yet, there’s miles to go. But he’s not worried about it – he just hopes to help feed as many people as possible and remind the world that we are all in this together; and that it’s not about whose side you’re on, it’s about helping the less fortunate.

“I believe all of America, Democrat and Republican, should be united in helping the less fortunate among us,” Nelson said. “We are the United States of America and that is what my generation fought for.”

You can find more about Mickey Nelson and his efforts in your Good News Story of the Day, here. But if you want to help him out; remember it’s all about feeding those in need which you can do in many ways. But his specific cause can be found at SalvationArmyNorth.org/mickey.

Story and Image from CNN.

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