Walking Across The Country For Veterans – GNSOTD Friday May 17th 2019

William Shuttleworth, a Massachusetts Air Force veteran, is a serious walker, he said he already covered about 20 miles per day but then he decided to do something different with his walking; kick it up a bit and do it for a cause. So now he is engaged in a planned 3,600 mile journey for Veterans. Shuttleworth said he came up with the idea about six months ago while talking to homeless veterans during a visit to California. “As I’ve been talking to other veterans, they get the short end of the stick all the time,” Shuttleworth said over the phone as he walked Thursday morning. “They have PTSD, the high suicide rate, lack of appropriate medical care, opioid and alcoholism that’s untreated. And instead of complaining about it, I said: Why don’t I do something about it? And I think if I walk across the country, engage people, it becomes a momentum that has its own force.”


That’s how he came up with Vets Don’t Forget Vets a plan to raise funds and awareness that got underway on Wednesday. He covered about 25 miles that first day and about the same the second day. He thinks he could cover more except he keeps stopping to talk to folks, including visiting any Vets he can on his way; not to mention the people who stop to chat with him. He estimated he met 30 people on the first day. “They honked the horn, they pulled over, they want to buy me coffee, they want to chat, they have a story about their own family members” Shuttleworth said.


If you want to follow along he has a blog on his website chronicling the journey but if you want to know more about the man and how this all got started you can check your Good News Story of the Day here.


Story and Image from New York Daily News.

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