Volunteers Help Rebuild Family Home Of Man With Cancer – GNSOTD Tuesday Jan 29 2019

There are projects that we occasionally put off because they will take too much time/money/energy and we feel that perhaps we can accomplish them tomorrow. But tomorrow is not guaranteed and for one man in Orlando, Florida a home restoration is now a race to the finish. Jon Mikesell was diagnosed with cancer in 2016, around the same time the family home was hit by Hurricane Michael, that cancer has now been labelled terminal. He was told by doctors he only had months to live. “They figured it out around July that it’s metastasized to up and down my spine and various organs and other places,” Mikesell said. “So the prognosis is said to be bleak.”


Mikesell shared a home with his wife Bethany, and his six children that was still in need of some refurbishment and repairs that home insurance did not cover from the hurricane damage, they had been working as they could, but given his limited time it suddenly became very urgent. That is when Mikesell’s church, H2O Church, started asking for donations to rebuild the house. Thanks to a fair bit of help and a GoFundMe page the church has raised about $20,000. On top of that several businesses also contributed donations and services. There is hope that with all of this aid they will be able to get the task done in time. “All these wonderful people just stepping up and saying, ‘We can help,'” Mikesell said. “I’m just touched beyond measure.”


It is well to remember that we are not promised tomorrow, that today is what we have to do those things we might be putting off, whether it is a home rebuild, or just telling that person how you care for them, do not put off until tomorrow what can be done today.


Story and Image from KRCA 3

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