Volunteer Who Built Homes For Decades Has Helped Dozens – GNSOTD Thursday, Oct 17th 2019

Chuck Srgo has helped build 165 houses over the last two decades. The 76-year-old started volunteering with Habitat for Humanity in 1998. When he started out that first day he thought it would just be a one time thing, but that one experience changed his life. “It’s the families and the appreciation, meeting the homeowners and understanding what their stories are,” he said. So how did it happen?


On Srgo’s first build, he met a pair of sisters who were excited to share a room together. It seems that before they were to get their new home they had had to share with even more of their family. They not only had to share a room with their mom and brother, but they even shared a bed. “I was happy to be able to do it that day, but I did not intend on going back until I heard that story and I thought, this is something I really enjoy,” Srgo said. It was stories that like, and like Theenda Hughes, which kept him going. “My grandbaby has somewhere to call home. I have custody of my grandbaby,” Hughes said. “It means the world. Habitat has become my family.”


Without volunteers, organizations like Habitat for Humanity couldn’t exist; “Volunteers make Habitat,” said Lisa Hebert, head of Community and Faith Relations for Habitat for Humanity. “Chuck’s one of our rocks,” Hebert said. As for Chuck? He might be getting on in years but he says he doesn’t regret a moment of time volunteering. “I’m tired, I’m worn out, but I feel so much better having done what I do,” Srgo said. “I’ve been blessed with a great life. The ability to be able to give that back in any way I can is a blessing to me.”


That blessing is your Good News Story of the Day, which you can read here, and it is also a reminder to find our own blessing in helping others.


Story and Image from WHAS 11.

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