US Business Offers Free Service To Healthcare Workers – GNSOTD Mon, Apr 27th 2020

There are many ways to show healthcare workers our appreciation; emergency workers forming hearts with vehicles, gathering required equipment for them, or even with simple sidewalk chalk. But one company in the US is going beyond gestures, or even basic donation, and is removing one point of stress for those risking their lives regularly to help others heal.

YourMechanic, an at-home car repair service, aims to help health care workers for free during the COVID-19 pandemic. Their goal is to ensure front line workers have reliable transportation during the pandemic.

The best part is YourMechanic have no need for people to bring their vehicles in to a repair centre; which means no waiting rooms, no interacting with computers, or other customers. It’s all done online and in the drive-way of the vehicle-owners home.

“Our view is, if we can help them get to work, the world will be a safer and better place,” company president and CEO, Anthony Rodio said. “And we can all hopefully return to normal sooner.”

A recent beneficiary of this policy was Steven Levitte, a pediatrics resident at a local hospital, who works 80-hour weeks, and sometimes 14-days in a row. “I rely on my car. My car has to work. It can’t break down. I can’t have a flat tire, or something like that,” Levitte said. “I have to be there. My patients depend on me.”

And with help like this, people like Levitte will be there in the hospitals to ensure care for the patients who need them desperately. And that’s your Good News Story of the Day, right there… Or rather; right here. And it is important that they get help in that regard as Rodio pointed out – “They need to get to work to help keep people safe,” Rodio added. “So we thought the most important thing we can do for them, for what we do, is offer free service for healthcare workers.” Good for everyone involved.

Story and Image from ABC 7 News.

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