Two Teens Turn Good Deeds Into Nationwide Effort – GNSOTD Tue, Jun 2nd 2020

Two friends from Montgomery Blair High School, in Maryland, have taken something they were doing for their own family and turned it into a nationwide effort.

Dhruv Pai, 16, and Matt Casertano, 15, were both buying groceries for their grandparents in early March, when cases of the Coronavirus began to show up in nearby Washington, D.C.

A smart precaution to take care of their elderly relatives.

But as the situation continued they realized there were many elderly people out there who did not have younger relatives nearby to do this for them and so they turned their goodwill into a nationwide volunteer delivery service with 14 chapters across the country.

It’s called Teens Helping Seniors, which connects older adults with volunteers who will deliver groceries or other supplies right to their doorstep.

Matt said they originally planned for Teens Helping Seniors to be a network for classmates at their high school, but within a week they started to expand because of the high demand. “We’ve had a really rapidly growing demand,” Dhruv said. “Working out those kinds of logistics can be really hard.” But it apparently didn’t take very long to take off, with the kids out of school having a lot more free time, volunteers were plentiful.

That is how by the end of the second week, Matt and Dhruv already had their first chapter outside Montgomery County, in Albany, N.Y. The group now has more than a dozen chapters in the United States — from California to New York — and one forming here in Canada in Montreal.

You can read all about these young men and what they have started in your Good News Story of the Day, here, and be sure to check how one of their volunteers even went above and beyond in such a way as to inspire Dhruv to say “That kind of blew my mind because the teen and the senior didn’t know each other. I mean, they were strangers.”

Strangers helping strangers is just the kind of loving thing we love to read.

Story and Image from The Washington Post.

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