Two Hair Stylists With COVID-19 Saw 140 Clients And No One Got Sick – GNSOTD Tue, June 23rd 2020

Everyone wants to feel normal. That is the response after months of constant concern. The idea of feeling normal is so appealing that even just getting a haircut seems like a refuge against everything else.

But even in that lies a worry about the virus after many reports of salons operating leading to outbreaks after employees test positive and pass it on to their clients.

That’s why this story of two hair stylists in Missouri is so important. They work at a salon in Springfield, Missouri, and after working in the shop with 6 co-workers, and serving some 140 clients, it was discovered that these two employees had the COVID-19 Coronavirus.

But unlike other incidents where dozens of new cases would have been the result, in this instance, there were none. Not one of their co-workers or the 140 clients got the virus. This is being credited to a number of factors, including luck, and the salon’s policies of spreading out patron’s chairs, staggering appointments and other measures. But also to the point that not only the employees, but every client was wearing a mask.

We’ve discussed how wearing a mask improves your chances of avoiding catching this virus, and the ways to wear a mask properly; which is an important element.

But your Good News Story of the Day is that a sense of normal can be attained, if you accept that wearing a mask and washing your hands are a part of the new normal. Find more on this story here.

It should also be pointed out that this incident is being added to the study of the effects of masks on the spread of COVID-19. It would not be a surprise to see it referenced in the future to show the difference between wearing a mask and not.

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