Two Faiths Come Together To Serve Soup To Homeless – GNSOTD Thursday Nov 22

As a means of celebrating Mitzvah Day – a day of social action for people of different faiths – Jews and Muslims met up at the East London Mosque last week to make 1,000 bowls of chicken soup.  What is Mitzvah Day? Mitzvah Day is an annual day of faith-based social action that takes place in November each year, primarily in the United Kingdom. On Mitzvah Day each year, community groups and individuals undertake a range of volunteer projects for those in need in their local community. This particular project was an act of loving solidarity between two faiths that was in benefit for all involved as well as the homeless in the East London area.


In the video below, one young participant told BBC that, “while doing this, I learned so much stuff that I didn’t know about Judaism,” while another girl laughingly chimed in, saying “we learned that there are neither Muslims or Jewish people in Harry Potter.” It truly was a coming together of the faiths which was even shown in their soup! For the soup, the organizers used halal chicken with a Jewish recipe in order to merge elements from both faiths – and they even made sure that some of the meals were made vegan.


The “Chicken Soup Challenge” was not the only Mitzvah Day initiative taking place in Europe, either – according to the organizers, there were dozens of other compassionate interfaith campaigns for charity across Germany, Poland, Australia, South Africa, and the UK.


For more on this Mitzvah Day volunteer project, see the video in your Good News Story of the Day here.


Image and Story from BBC.

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