Twitter Stunned By Kitchen Tool Epiphany.

It’s not every day you have a sudden epiphany that goes viral. Even rarer when it’s about a kitchen gadget.

However, that is exactly what happened for one British man this week. In a Twitter post, shared by author Giles Paley-Phillips, you can see a British man who seems to have been struck with awe due to just such a moment:

There were those on social media who didn’t think it was such an impressive discovery, “Well, yes, that’s what the bottom blade is for” writes user Cornish Pastry.

But many others exclaimed about how it was possible they too had never realized such a thing; a few even commenting that they had thought the other blade was for left-handed users (Richard also believed this.)

It is remarkable what things we can discover that seem like they should be common knowledge. Guess you can chalk this one up under #TIL (Today I Learned.)

Source: Twitter.

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