Trio Dubbed ‘Golden Girls’ Become Sudden Celebrities – GNSOTD Wed, Apr 8th 2020

Great Britain’s now-famous trio of silver-haired best friends — dubbed the “Golden Girls” because of their age and temperaments — became overnight celebrities last month for their coronavirus quarantine plans.

It seems that Carol Spark, 74, Dotty Robinson, 75, and Doreen Burns, 73, have been through everything together; childbirth, marriages, deaths, and divorces. They determined they were not going to let this situation keep them apart and so they got together in one of their homes and sheltered in place.

They were so pleased with their plan that Burns sent an email to her favorite television news personality with their isolation workaround, which is how Jayne McCubbin ended up interviewing the women for “BBC Breakfast,” and days later, and they became the toast of the town with people comparing them to the hit show “The Golden Girls.”

Their fame has been bolstered by this hilarious BBC video of the three grandmothers has racked up thousands of views, with people around the world delighted by their shelter-in-place plan.

Not everything went according to plan, a bout of pneumonia meant that Carol Spark would have to isolate alone, but they are still spending all of their time together, through emails and Skype calls. It is how we can be together in this time and our commitment to each other that keeps relationships and lifts spirits.

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Story and Image from The Washington Post.

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