Tony Hawk Exchanges Skateboards With Fan In Fantastic Way – GNSOTD, Wed, May 27th 2020

Our story Today begins with a FedEx driver in Gerogia, a guy named Mikail Farrar. He was going along his route for the day when he noticed a young boy trying to flag him down. He stopped and asked the boy what was up? Turns out the young lad was Cooper Morgan, a 6-year-old, who wanted something mailed. Mikail didn’t send him to the post office, he just said sure. So the boy went back into his house and came out with a skateboard. He brought it to the truck and asked Mikail to get it to Tony Hawk for him! Well, Mikail didn’t want to disappoint the young man, so he said okay, took the board and then did the only thing he could.

You can watch it here:

Yes, he went online the next day and posted a video about the situation; saying he didn’t have Tony Hawk’s address but just wanted to put it out there and hope for the best.

It didn’t take very long at ALL for that hope to be answered – Tony Hawk posted a video of his own:

It turns out thanks to a well placed hashtag and a bunch of shares the Skateboard legend had heard what was going on, and reached out to Mikail. Cooper’s skateboard was to be mailed after all. And in fact should be arriving Today!

Of course, Tony Hawk didn’t just accept the board, he reciprocated and that just makes the story better; because this happened:


Yes, Social Media was used in a positive way to make not only the four involved in the videos, but almost everyone who has seen them, feel better. Hopefully it’s done the same for you and you check out the rest of your Good News Story of the Day, here, to see it in full.

Social Media is a tricky thing, it can be harmful and hateful, or it can be wonderful and helpful. It’s all in how you use it.

Story and Image from CNN.

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