TikTok Picture Hanging Hack

Back again with another TikTok hack to help you out with the little things that you almost never think about! This one is all about hanging photos, or paintings, or really anything in a frame.

There are plenty of gadgets and doodads around to help with this problem already, and if you’ve purchased one that works for you then this is likely not helpful; but if you haven’t then here’s a simple trick to help you out, posted by TikTok user¬†AliyaRinaldi, who says her mother is an interior designer.


In the video which has been viewed over 2.5 million times and has 200,000 likes, she advises that you take a bit of toothpaste, just a little, and put it on the frame where the nail is meant to meet the hanging hardware, then press it against the wall when its in position and the toothpaste will leave a tiny mark where the nail should go. Obviously once the nail is in place you can easily wipe the mark away and hang your picture! Simple, cheap, and easy. A perfect hack.

Source: AliyaRinaldi on TikTok

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