TikTok Coffee Creamer Trick Goes Viral

A trick with coffee creamer is going viral. It was shared by TikTok user CarlyRose352 last month. “Been drinking coffee since I was 17 and I learned this last week,” she captioned the video.

Then she holds up a coffee and a bottle of coffee creamer with the lid off and the foil still on, and instead of pealing the foil off she takes the lid and shows the inside and lip on the inside that seals it, and uses it to punch a hole in the foil.

“And now it’s open,” she says as she puts the lid back on the bottle and pours the creamer into her coffee cup. “You’re welcome,” she says as she ends the video.

It should be a no brainer that of COURSE the shape that fits the opening of the lid so well could be used to open the foil enough to allow the contents to pour out. But apparently quite a few people had never considered it, as the video has racked up over 1.4 million views and over 85,000 likes.

Source: https://www.tiktok.com/@carlyrose352/video/6879111331946007814

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