The On The Phone Gesture Has Changed

It might be hard to believe; but the old gesture of holding out your thumb and pinky to signify holding a phone is going to become, and might already be, a thing of the past. With the changing way that people communicate, something that used to be fairly universal, no longer is.

It started when a TikTok user Daniel Alvarado (@guesswho_718) posted a video in which he asks his wife to mime being on the phone, which she does with the familiar gesture; then he does the same to his children with a completely different result.

In the video, which he dedicates to 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s babies, the kids each put up a flat hand to their head to imitate talking on the phone. He then imitates having his own mind blown.

His video, which has been seen more than 2 million times, was also shared multiple times on Twitter with others adding their own experiments to confirm what Daniel found.

It seems like on the phone is going the way of ‘roll down the window’ when it comes to understood hand gestures.

Source: The Independent.

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