Texas Teacher Donates Hair – GNSOTD Mon, Nov. 2nd 2020

During a recent live broadcast of the morning announcements at Lake Pointe Elementary School, in the Eagle Mountain-Saginaw Independent School District, in Fort Worth, Texas, a Student Success Academy teacher, Brent Caldwell, did something incredible.

He had his long hair cut off so that it could be donated to Hair We Share, a nonprofit that helps make and provide wigs to people who have lost their hair due to a medical condition.

When it comes to donating hair, one thing to bear in mind, is that there is usually a minimum length, because it has to be long enough that they can use it in the process of making a wig. For Hair We Share their minimum length is 8 inches, other organizations can have it as much as 11 inches for the minimum.

Growing that much hair is no small task, it’s an effort of years. Mr. Caldwell had been growing his hair for more than three years and managed to donate 14 inches. The last time he got his hair cut was when he made this exact same donation.

“To be able to do this for the kids, and do it myself, for me really, I just wanted to spread that positive thing. There’s so much negativity in the world,” Caldwell said about the message he hoped to pass along to the students at Lake Pointe.

It’s also a part of Lake Pointe Elementary School’s Acts of Kindness project, an effort to complete 10 million acts of kindness by the end of this school year. And THAT is certainly worth being your Good News Story of the Day, find more here.

“I try to share only positive things with people around me, because there are already so many negative things in our daily basis, and I don’t want to add into that,” Caldwell said “That’s something that is my own personal philosophy, and I try to pass on the kids and tell them our only real job as people is to make someone else’s day better, or make someone else feel better. And when you get older you are going to be running the world, and we need good people in charge. So this is a great way to start.”

When it comes to donating hair there are some hoops to jump through, and they depend on the organization you wish to make the donation to. Things to consider are:

How long is it? They all have a minimum length they will accept.
Is it loose? They nearly all require it braided or in a pony tail, as well as sealed in a plastic bag.
Is it coloured or grey? Some will accept this kind of hair, some will not.
Has it been swept off the floor? Most locations will not accept hair that touched the ground.
Is it wet? Almost none will accept wet hair.
Is it dreadlocked? Unfortunately the process seems to negate hair in dreads for nearly all organizations.

Beyond that, it is just a matter of finding an organization that is accepting hair donations at this time and meeting their criteria.

Story and Image from NBCDFW.

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