Texan Grandmother Credits Faith For Long Life – GNSOTD Wednesday July 31st 2019

Elizabeth Francis, born in Louisiana, was surrounded by family, friends, and community leaders as she rang in an incredible milestone. Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner stopped by and held her hand while offering congratulations. Born in 1909, and remaining healthy over the years, Francis has seen six generations of her family. That’s right; this Texas grandmother celebrated her 110th birthday on Saturday in Houston. “It’s really special because she’s been able to watch and see all of her grandchildren grow up and be a part of their lives,” said Ethel Harrison, Francis’ granddaughter


Elizabeth is still 9 years off for the current record in the US for the oldest living person, but she isn’t worrying about that, she is busy giving credit to her faith in God for a long and healthy life. “Blessing of the Lord,” she said is the reason she’s lived so long. “He’s the one keeping me.”


Every Centenarian has a reason they have lived as long as they have, for Elizabeth Francis it is her faith, you can find more about her in your Good News Story of the Day here, and be sure to watch the video.


Story and Image from Fox News.

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