Terrace Hill Breakfast Club Closing Without New Leadership

The Terrace Hill Breakfast Club has served its last meal, unless there’s some new blood. The Club, which operates under the Brant Food for Thought umbrella, provides a hot meal for about 100 children before class. They serve up pancakes or grilled cheese, along with fruit and vegetables. But a lack of young volunteers taking on leadership roles is forcing the club to close after 21 years.


The program has gone on long enough that some of the early students are grown adults now and yet there will be no new generations aided by this program and several volunteers will be left unable to act in the kind and caring fashion they wish unless a young leader steps up to take over the program. If anyone is interested in doing so they would find there is support and guidance available. If that someone might be you or someone you know you are encouraged to contact Brant Food for Thought about the Terrace Hill Breakfast Club at 519-759-6164.


Find Brant Food for Thought on Facebook or on their website: brantfoodforthought.ca

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