Teens Use Yard Work To Help Others – GNSOTD Tue, July 21st 2020

14-year-old Matthew Sullivan, from Morristown, New Jersey, says he had three goals in mind during the COVID-19 pandemic: stay busy, make money, and help others.

That is exactly what he did with a few of his friends by the names of Christian VanderGroef, CJ Piccola, and Eric Ottaiano, and their lawn care business Leaf-it to-Us.

It is something they have been doing it since before the Pandemic shut things down and it certainly keeps them busy and earns them funds. But they don’t just care for peoples lawns, they care for people.

Last year the teens donated 10% of their proceeds to a Children’s Hospital. But this year they changed their beneficiary to the local food drive. It’s called Help MorrisNow, which has a GoFundMe page that says they have raised over 13,000 dollars with a goal of 20,000. Morris is the name of the county the boys live in. And that money has paid for nearly 35,000 pounds of food to feed people in need. The organizers of the food drive are grateful; “Seeing kids go out in the morning, working hard to raise funds and giving it back to the community, to me that was the most touching thing we could’ve had,” said Nestor Bedoya, organizer of the Help Morris Now food drive.

This group usually gets around on electric dirt-bikes, going from job to job, doing landscaping work like weeding, mulching, planting, and leaf blowing. It’s days of hard, honest work, and they’ve grown so popular with this that they are even getting calls from around the county, farther away than their bikes can take them, so sometimes they catch a ride with one of their parents.

Their parents are proud. “As a parent, we couldn’t be more proud of our kids and what they’re doing,” said Kathleen Sullivan, mother of Matthew Sullivan. The kids just wanted to do something good. “You turn on the news and you see all these negative things, so we just wanted to do something positive, and we decided to go local,” said Sullivan. And we couldn’t agree more. That’s why we enjoy bringing you your Good News Story of the Day. You can find this one in full – here.

Oh, and don’t expect them to stop their good work once everything settles down. The group hopes to continue running their landscaping business as long as their mission stays the same: helping others in need. “I love that I can give back to the community doing a small part,” said Christian VanderGroef. No good deed is too small.

Story and Image from ABC7.

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