Teen Sells Xbox To Buy Mom Car – GNSOTD Friday Apr 5 2019

It’s a story that has been making the rounds on social media this morning and hit news stands this past week as people marveled at what one young man was willing and able to do to help out his mom. William Rabillo is just 13 but that didn’t stop him from noticing his mother was struggling. Krystal Preston, a single mother of 3, had been without a vehicle for some time. William was a young man who determined he was going to do something about that.


He went on to Facebook marketplace and discovered a local vehicle for sale for $300. This was money he knew neither he nor his mother had but that didn’t stop him. He contacted the person selling the car and made her an offer; his Xbox and some yard work for the car. That is how this Nevada teen changed his families life. A wonderful tale of supporting ones family and you can read all about his family’s response, and how good deeds sometimes come back, in your Good News Story of the Day here.


The good tidings for William’s family don’t stop there either, a GoFundMe set up for the family has exceeded it’s $5000 goal, the kindness of strangers abounds.


Story and Image from CTV News.

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