Teen Referbishes Computers To Donate – GNSOTD Mon, Aug 17th 2020

15-year-old Christopher Kilpatrick, is a sophomore at The Bolles School in Jacksonville, Florida, who had a summer internship at Urban Mining; a technology company.

While he was there he had what he called an epiphany; he realized not everyone can afford a computer, but with everything going on a lot of parents and kids would like to be doing at home learning.

So he saw the digital divide between the haves and the have-nots. That’s when he put his internship to amazing use.

Urban Mining gets a lot of retired machines from businesses, and Christopher took the opportunity to take some of those retired machines and instead of salvaging them; to refurbish them and donate them to those who could use them.

It became his summer project. His boss, Johnnie Mcburnie says they kept him busy, he was working on four or five machines a DAY doing his project.

In the end Christopher completely refurbished 20 desktop computers, including monitors and software. “I installed various applications and made sure they are working,” he said. Now those 20 machines will be donated to the nonprofit Big Brothers, Big Sisters where hopefully quite a few kids will benefit from Christophers hard work.

Christopher said he learned some lessons from his summer internship; like the lesson of giving and the lesson of good stewardship. “One great thing I learned from this is the importance of recycling,” said Kilpatrick. He also appreciated the aid he was giving his community, “I like the feeling I am making a difference,” said Christopher.

This taking something old or broken and turning it into something useful to give to someone else is a wonderful thing and your Good News Story of the Day, find it here. But it also might not be the end of it. “I think we started something really good here,” said Mcburnie. Christopher’s experience may become the new expectation for future interns.

Story and Image from First Coast News.

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