Teen Helps Nursing Home Residents Even After Visits Cancelled – GNSOTD Wed, May 13th 2020

There is a young lady has been helping seniors in nursing homes for quite a while now; her name is Hita Gupta. She’s been volunteering at a facility near her home in Paoli, Pennsylvania for over a year, organizing activities like bingo and trivia for the residents.

She was heartbroken when her regular visits had to be cancelled over safety protocols due to COVID-19. The 15-year-old knew that quite often these seniors can go weeks, months, or longer without seeing their own families; “The seniors aren’t able to see their families, so that’s causing loneliness, boredom and anxiety,” she said. She herself cannot physically visit her grandparents all that often, because they are in India. She does Skype her own family but she also knows not all the residents of the nursing homes have that option.

So she came up with a new idea of how to help – goodie bags! Each one is stuffed with one large print puzzle book, an adult coloring book and coloring pencils. She says these activities can stimulate the mind and keep them occupied.

But while it began as an effort to help those in the home she used to visit, it grew bigger when she realized she could get support to expand her efforts. “I’ve heard from a lot of people and people are sharing on social media. They’ve reached out saying ‘you’ve inspired me to do a similar project in my area.'”

And that inspired her to create a GoFundMe to gather more funds in order to create more of the goodie-bags to distribute to even more nursing homes – so far she has dropped them off to 23 facilities. This effort obviously has made her parents proud: “It makes me feel happy that she is able to give back to the community. She’s able to let them know that they’re not alone and there’s a community that stands with them. I am very proud,” Gupta’s mom, Swati, said.

Hita’s efforts are your Good News Story of the Day, which you can find here, and are certainly worth the praise she has received and inspiring to those who learn of it. And she says she won’t stop until the health crisis is over; as loneliness is such a problem in nursing home residences where the people must be completely isolated to protect their health. God bless her and those she is helping.

Story and Image from CNN.

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