Teen Boys Help Stranger In Welland – GNSOTD Monday July 15th 2019

When three Ontario teens went for a drive last week, they didn’t expect to become internet heroes. But when Billy Tarbett, 15, and his friends Bailey Campbell, 17, and Aeron McQuillin,18, from Fonthill, Ont. were hanging out swimming and decided to head to Tim Horton’s for a drink, that is exactly what happened. On their way they spotted a smoking car on the highway around 1 a.m. Wednesday and knew what they had to do; the right thing. So they pulled over to offer their help.


The boys grew up fixing cars with their dads, and to help they decided to check it out, but first they had to get it off the road. They began by pushing her vehicle into the parking lot of the Tim’s to give it a better inspection where they found it was was “completely done,” said McQuillin. So they knew the driver shouldn’t try to drive the broken vehicle. Unfortunately her roommate had to work and she couldn’t afford a tow, so again they offered to help. “You boys ready for a push?” was the thought shared that night.


The three young men pushed the vehicle for nearly 10 km, arriving around two hours later at the woman’s driveway in Welland. They later shared their story on Social Media:


I’ll share my side of the story.Last night, Bailey Campbell, Billy Tarbett and I were out for a drive to Tim Horton’s…

Posted by Aeron McQuillin on Wednesday, July 10, 2019


As did another stranger who stopped to offer assistance and was amazed by the young men and their generosity of time.


Last night I am driving home from work when I see someone stranded in the middle of an intersection with their car…

Posted by Dan Morrison on Wednesday, July 10, 2019



Since their story went viral the boys have been met with congratulations as well as offers of reward to which they reply “We really appreciate it, but we didn’t do this to get free handouts,” said McQuillin. “If I was broken down on the side of the road, I would love for someone to stop and help out.” and “We were always raised to help, no matter what the situation was,” said Tarbett. “We were helping her but also she was helping us, doing a workout.” You can find more on their journey in your Good News Story of the Day here.


May we all be so fortunate as to have people like this on hand when we are in need; as well as to be people like this when others are in need.


Story and Image from the CBC.

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