Teen Baker Finds Passion In Helping Homeless – GNSOTD Thursday June 27th 2019

From a young age, Michael Platt loved two things: the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and cupcakes. He lingered by the “I Have a Dream” poster in his grandparents’ house, imagining ways he too could fight for justice. He memorized statistics about income inequality and childhood hunger. But he also spent afternoons at his computer in his Bowie, Md., home, awestruck by YouTube bakers who transformed a base of eggs, flour and water into edible works of art.


He was just 11-years-old when he figured out how to put his passions to work. He founded a bakery that donates to the homeless and hungry one cupcake, cake or cookie for every one that Michael sells. Twice a month, he heads to locations including domestic violence shelters, transitional housing and McPherson Square in the District to pass out goodies. Most customers place their orders via Facebook, though he also has a website for the business. He sells roughly 75 cupcakes a month, at a price of four for $15, along with a dozen cookies and a dozen “chef’s choice” items — which, of course, means he must also make more than 100 treats to give away each month. It might be extra work but for him it is worth it.


Michael, now 13, said he especially enjoys handing out cupcakes to kids. “I know I like cupcakes, but also cupcakes are part of a child’s childhood so they should get them,” said Michael, noting that he always eats one with whipped icing on his birthday. Sometimes he uses his baking skills to raise money for hunger-fighting nonprofit groups. He spent a morning teaching a baking class, for $30 per person, at a Williams-Sonoma in Annapolis to raise money for No Kid Hungry. All of this while his baking business pays for itself.


You can read much more in your Good News Story of the Day, here, about this remarkable young man and his baking business as well as his charity efforts. But also find comfort in knowing that there are those, like young Michael, who will fight for equality in this world. And perhaps find inspiration in how you may be able to use your own passions and skills to benefit others.


Story and Image from The Washington Post.

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