Teacher Reminds Students Of Good News Amid Pandemic – GNSOTD Fri, May 1st 2020

In Omaha, Nebraska, where schools are educating students from home there is a teacher by the name of Alison Preston was worried about her 5th grade class.

It seems the smiles were disappearing from students faces during their Zoom class meetings. So Ms. Preston decided she would investigate why and what she could do about it. She started off by asking them to journal their experiences learning from home.

It turns out many of the kids in her class have been seeing all the Coronavirus coverage and it has been stressing them out. After the Journal Assignment Ms. Preston was mulling over what options to try and help were available to her when she came across John Krasinski’s “Some Good News” YouTube show.

That gives her an idea for another assignment. She had her 5th grade class watch an episode of the show together over Zoom, and then she asked the class to make their own good news signs, and send in a video of them sharing good news going on in their lives for a project they are calling More Good News.

Now, there is no link to the video, because the assignment isn’t finished yet. And this isn’t your Good News Story of the Day because these kids have created some fun video for all of us to watch. No, it’s because in creating the videos, Ms. Preston reports their smiles are coming back.

Your Good News Story of the Day is that even in seeing that good news is out there during this pandemic can lift spirits and return smiles. It’s about how good things make you feel good even when you are stressed. “This is just another thing that’s making them feel good and happy. It’s putting that positive focus in,” said Preston. You can read about it and even watch the video in your Good News Story of the Day, here. And Ms. Preston says once she gets all of the videos back from her students, she will put them all together for the class to watch together. So maybe we will get a chance to see it.

But if you ever see something good and don’t believe it will matter to share it with others, please remember the smiles of Alison Preston’s Grade 5 class and how she helped get them back. Then share the things that make you smile.

Story and Image from WOWT 6 News.

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