Tampa Bay ‘Kindness Warrior’ Celebrates Birthday With Drive-By Parade – GNSOTD Tues, Jan. 5th 2020

In Tampa Bay, Florida, there is a young boy whose family was told would not see his first birthday. Eric Piburn was born with congenital heart defects and has spent half his life in hospital according to his mom, Randi. But not only did Eric see that first birthday, he has now seen 13 more.

That is thanks to the hard work of his family, the medical staff at the local hospital, the generosity of his community, and his own unending spirit. His family says that every day with him is truly a gift and that even on his worst day he still finds a way to bring joy and kindness to other people.

Which is his mission in life; to spread kindness and hope.

But how does someone who consistently is fighting for his own health celebrate a birthday during a pandemic in a hard hit state like Florida? Carefully, but well, it turns out.

His family and others celebrated his birthday Sunday with a surprise birthday parade.

People from all over came together to make sure Eric’s 14th birthday was special. 119 People responded to the Facebook event saying that they would attend.

The instructions made it clear that no one would be allowed to get out of their vehicles as it was a drive by birthday parade only. His home was marked by balloons and a tent so strangers who had never been before would know where to honk and wave.

Eric has had four open-heart surgeries throughout his life and he is still not out of the woods by any stretch; yet he has managed to impact the lives of many, including a number of local charitable causes and workers who feel inspired by the boy and his attitude.

One thing he is doing is donating toys he has collected to kids in need in his community. It’s wonderful to see his birthday being celebrated so and you can find it in your Good News Story of the Day here.

If you are moved to help, there is one way you can, with the GoFundMe being run for him which hopes to help keep his family at home with him at this time and pay for medical expenses.

Story and Image from wtsp.com

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