Survey Says Millenials & Gen Z Require Recycling

Anyone looking to court a Millenial, or a Gen-Zer must recycle according to a new survey by Cluttr. This survey of just over 1,300 young Americans, found that a whopping 47% of 18- to 29-year-olds wouldn’t want to be romantically involved with someone who doesn’t recycle. In addition, 45% would reject a person that uses an excessive amount of single-use plastic.

We’re not just talking about romantic relationships either; the survey found that over two-thirds (69%) said they would boycott a brand for not having green business practices, and just slightly more (71%) feel that the environment warrants more concern than the economy.

Think about that real hard for a minute. These younger generations have just become the largest voting block in Canada, surpassing the Baby Boomers in recent years. And they care more about environmental issues than they do economic ones. Around 70% of them agree on that.

Now it also found that information sharing about e-waste is drastically lacking. 60% of respondents didn’t even know what e-waste was, 57% didn’t know it was bad for the environment, 44% don’t know how to properly donate, resell or recycle tech, and 36% didn’t know if their items were recyclable.

The survey was done to find out how these generations environmental concerns affect their tech buying and recycling decisions. What it found was that if you want to court a Millenial or a Gen-Zer, either for business, politics, religion, or romance; you better care about the environment!


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