Survey Says Bad Driving Affects Relationships

A new survey, conducted by OnePoll, for Christian Brothers Automotive examined personality factors attributed to certain types of driving and vehicle habits. It found that many consider the way a person drives and treats their vehicle reflects their personality.

It should be noted that over half of the people (2000 American drivers) who took the survey said they wouldn’t date someone who was an unsafe driver, and one in five have ended a relationship because of bad driving. Some of the big ones are seat belts need to be worn, and speeding is dangerous. Meanwhile, people who take care of their vehicles are seen as more responsible and reliable, and drivers who follow the rules of the road are viewed as trustworthy.

Here’s the number breakdown the survey found:

  • 56 percent would not date someone they thought was an unsafe driver.
  • 18 percent said they’ve ended things with a partner due to their driving habits.
  • 78 percent agreed the way a person drives says a lot about their personality.
  • 46 percent felt drivers who followed the rules of the road are more trustworthy.
  • 52 percent viewed drivers who take care of their cars as responsible.
  • 43 percent viewed drivers who take care of their cars as more reliable.
  • 42 percent said drivers who tend to speed are dangerous.
  • 24 percent said drivers who speed are impulsive.
  • 36 percent have refused to be driven by a friend because of their driving habits.
  • And three out of four respondents characterized drivers who don’t wear seatbelts as reckless.
  • 61 percent of respondents, however, said if a driver was excessively speeding, it would cause them to never get in the car with them again.
  • 71 percent agreed that they would refuse to be driven by a friend or family member who displayed poor auto care habits (such as having their check engine light on for an extended period of time without having the car checked)

You can also check out the top ten driving red flags, in our source.

Turns out you should worry less about what you drive and more about how you drive it when it comes to impressing others!


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