Surprise Winter Wonderland Wedding – GNSOTD Monday, Sept 30th 2019

An Arizona couple traveled to Washington state for their fall-themed wedding, but were met with a surprise winter wonderland thanks to the early snow storm on Saturday. But what really surprised their photographer, Jaime Denise Fletcher of Jaime Denise Photography, was how the couple handled it.


Brittany and Sean Tuohy planned their outdoor wedding at a lodge on Washington’s Mount Spokane, hoping for photos full of lush foliage and crisp, autumn air. “My original plan was to take them all to the top of the mountain, where there would’ve been a million fall colors and trees above the city and do their portraits there,” Jaime said. However, scouting the location showed that those fall colours were hidden behind a curtain of white snow and blowing winds. When she returned to deliver the bad news she found the wedding party in good spirits, joking and laughing about their bad luck.


It was that attitude that inspired Jaime to get to work, and so they went out into the cold to snap as many pictures as they could before they had to retreat back into the warmth; and what was captured were some beautiful pictures of a happy couple and their closest friends. Jaime doesn’t wish this on any of her future clients, but had nothing but praise for the bride. “I hope it doesn’t happen again for that long for future brides’ sakes!” she said. “But if future brides are anything like this one… they will take the day with grace, make the best of it and truly have the best time… because that is what Brittany did. She was amazing and I am so in awe of how easygoing she was and how much fun she had on her wild winter wedding day!”


The fun and wonderful photos are enough to make this your Good News Story of the Day, which you can find here; but it’s that good attitude, that grace, that is the sort which can carry a family through the trials they are sure to face in this life. If they can greet each day, even each difficulty, with a smile and laugh they will find an easier path to walk than those who grumble and groan at every obstacle.


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